GEDCOM X defines an open data model and an open serialization format for exchanging the genealogical data essential to the genealogical research process.

Getting Started

If you're new here, try the Self Guided Tour of the project, which is designed to help you feel comfortable participating in the project. If you'd rather not go through a tour, the Community page pretty much summarizes it.

To learn how to produce and consume GEDCOM X from your application, take a look at the Documentation.

Some of you may actually enjoy reading formal specifications. If this is you, click here for the specs.

If you are interested in how GEDCOM X relates to the genealogical research process, here is a brief overview.

If you've got a question that starts with "How does GEDCOM X handle...", try browsing through the Recipe Book.

If you're interested in the semantic schema definitions (e.g. RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, etc.), see Schemas.

The Formal Specifications

The GEDCOM X specification set is comprised of the following specifications, some of which build on others. The formal specifications are maintained in a version-controlled and access-controlled repository. For the complete specification set, refer to Specifications. The following specifications are usually the most relevant to developers:

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