This document provides the semantic definition for the GEDCOM X SourceDescription data type for use in structured data (e.g. RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, etc.). This data type is specified by the GEDCOM X Conceptual Model.

This data type extends the data type.


Represents a description of a source.


property expected type description
Properties from SourceDescription
about anyURI The URI (if applicable) of the actual source.
lang string The language of this genealogical data set. See Note that some language-enabled elements MAY override the language.
mediaType string Hint about the media (MIME) type of the resource being described.
version string gets the version of this resource
resourceType ResourceType The type of the resource being described.
citation SourceCitation The bibliographic citations for this source.
mediator ResourceReference A reference to the entity that mediates access to the described source.
source SourceReference References to any sources to which this source is related (usually applicable to sources that are derived from or contained in another source).
analysis ResourceReference A reference to the analysis document explaining the analysis that went into this description of the source.
componentOf SourceReference A reference to the source that contains this source.
title TextValue A list of titles for this source.
titleLabel TextValue A label for the title of this description.
note Note Notes about a source.
attribution Attribution The attribution metadata for this source description.
identifier Identifier The list of identifiers for the source.
rights string The rights for this source.
replacedBy string The URI that this resource has been replaced by.
replaces string The list of resources that this resource replaces.
status string The list of status types for the source.